Business fwdays'19

Business fwdays'19 Conference
Business fwdays'19

Conference topics

  • Business development. Sales
    • Company development

    • Tools and methods of effective sales

    • Financial management

  • Employer branding. Recruitment. HR
    • Reputation, positioning and corporate culture

    • Metrics in employer branding

    • HR branding

  • Marketing. Advertising. Branding
    • Analyze of new customers' attraction strategies

    • Inner and outer brand's communication

    • Determining and understanding of potential customer

  • Failure cases
    • Real failures which happened on the projects

    • Why did they happen

    • How to solve them and make a conclusion

Want to be a speaker?

We are currently looking for speakers. If you have a practical background in the topics, listed above or want to share your experience in other spheres devoted to the topics of the conference, please, fill out the form till November 20.

Call for papers

Conference format

  • 3 Tracks

    Up-to-date talks from the best experts in Ukrainian, English and Russian

  • Workshops track

    Workshops are aimed at discussing practical everyday questions

  • Speakers’ corner

    You can talk to the speakers and ask them questions without time limitation

  • Partner zone

    Find new business partners, ideas and share contacts

Conference in figures

  • 800
  • 9
    hours of networking
  • 20
  • 29
    conferences from Fwdays
  • 3
  • 1
    workshops track

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100 tickets
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Kyiv, Mercure Congress Hall, Kyiv, V.Hetmana str., 6
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