How to ruin a vacancy before its opening

Talk presentation

In this talk, I will share practices, observations, and failures, which helped me to find a way of a real professional. It will be useful to save yourself from future mistakes if you’re a beginner, and correct existing ones, if you’re advanced in the field.

I sincerely believe and see in practice that one of the main values ​​for the recruiter is the ability to build long-term relationships with candidates. It defines the key soft skill in the form of communication and the ability to balance between the expectations of the candidate and the capabilities of the company. In the era of one-time recruitment it is not difficult to stand out from the crowd with nonname messages to the candidates to the target audience.

    I will talk about:
  • examples of a one-time recruitment, so that we could easily identify it in our business process;
  • how to use a long-term recruitment to reduce cost per hire from 2k eur to 68 eur;
  • the most common patterns of recruitment and how can you destroy it with one phrase (for example, recruitment is a freeloader and extra costs, no more);
  • personal errors in work, so that you could avoid them (for example, the development of technical literacy);
  • my universal script approach to writing letters that are responding to everyone (responce rate 85%), although I'm not a copywriter or a philologist.
Iryna Lisovska [Recruitment]
  • Founder of Recruiters TechCamp technical recruiters community.
  • Mentor for the beginners' recruitment specialists.
  • Professional speaker of the communities and conferences.
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