Our Goal:

To carry out high-quality events for developers, architects, CTOs, Team/Tech Leads, Project Managers and everyone associated with IT sphere.

We organize events on different scale and formats under the Fwdays brand, since 2011.

IT saturdays

We Organize:

  • Annual tech conferences on various programming languages and frameworks:

    • JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Highload fwdays
    • Frontend, PM, Java, Functional fwdays
    • Angular, Reac, Zend etc.

    • We organize large-scale conferences in comfortable venues and invite best international experts as well as Ukrainian specialists in various spheres - framework authors, core contributors, etc. Our team carefully selects talks to include only valuable and useful ones to the conference programme. We also care about entertainment and informal conference part and create a comfortable atmosphere for you.
      Format: 1-4 tracks of talks, lunch and coffee-breaks, difference activities and networking.
      Number of participants: 400-800

  • IT-Saturdays: tech and non-tech meet-ups

    • Big Data, DevOps.
    • GameDev, Mobile (Android, iOS), Ruby.
    • Project Management, Design.

    • Format: 2-3 talks, discussion and networking;
      Number of participants: 30-100
  • One-day workshops where participants can learn new useful information
    We have already held workshops on:

    • ReactJS, EmberJS, Docker, Angular, Event Sourcing, SQRS, DDD, Doctrine

  • It is very important for us that each event is held at a high level and is useful for you, so we pay great attention to quality in all that we do.

    During these 8 years, we have made many good friends among our participants. We are glad when you come back to our events, and happy when you recommend us to your colleagues and friends. To express our gratitude we provide 20% discount to all who join us at the second time.

    We have many upcoming events. Join Fwdays!

    How our conferences are held:

    You will find more videos on our YouTube channel.

    JavaScript fwdays'19

    PHP fwdays'19

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