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How Ukrainian IT specialist can go on vacation abroad without crossing the Tisza River [ukr]

I’m confident that many IT professionals are currently facing the same situation I was in a few months ago. Mobilization, uncertainty. How can I be maximally beneficial to the country with my experience and continue professional development in such circumstances? Since the onset of the full-scale invasion, I've been actively volunteering and assisting the army. Mobilization became the next logical step.

Sergii Tovstonog

(Innovation and Development Center),
Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
The Strength of Being Vulnerable: the experience from CIA, Tesla and Uber [eng]

The leader must be strong all the time. The leader cannot afford to make mistakes, let alone fail in front of their team. Is that really true? Nick Gicinto, a cybersecurity leader with over 25 years of experience, who has worked for the CIA and has built security systems from scratch at Tesla and Uber, fully hiring teams for these projects, will talk about the importance of being vulnerable to build trust within a team.

Nick Gicinto

(CISO at William Jewell College (Former CIA, Tesla, Uber, Chainlink Labs)),
Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
[QUICK TALK] Radical candor: how to achieve results faster thanks to a culture of feedback in the team? [ukr]

Sharing open feedback can be difficult because it equals much work on yourself. However, feedback needs attention and a special place in the corporate culture. It helps to grow dynamically, build a team of like-minded people and achieve powerful results.

Mariana Boloban

(Head of People at Headway),
Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
4 horsemen of the apocalypse of working relationships (+ antidotes to them) [ukr]

This talk will reveal four destructive communication patterns that can undermine team spirit, reduce productivity and cause conflict, and offer effective strategies for neutralizing them.

Artem Bykovets

Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
Why have we learned how to package products, but not how to 'package ourselves' as a brand in a job interview? [ukr]

Create your personal pitch correctly (sales points, structure); understand, depending on the type of company, what managers want to hear about you at the interview; be able to package irrelevant or no experience; understand your strengths; create an example of a personal pitch

Viktoria Nalyvaiko

Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
Mentoring 101: How to effectively invest experience in the success of others [ukr]

As you grow in experience as a tech specialist and close the needs of Maslow's hierarchy, you realize that you can help beginners in your specialization. But how to do it effectively? Where to look for future mentees? How to avoid mistakes that demotivate both sides? And, in general, how can you benefit from investing your time in the success of a mentee? I'll discuss this based on my 1.5 years of experience mentoring beginners.

Roman Povzyk

(Bini Games, Product Analyst),
Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
How to tame the dragon, or leadership with imposter syndrome [ukr]

Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that most of us suffer from to one degree or another. I'm no exception and have faced this for most of my IT career, which has been around 10 years. I did not immediately understand that the impostor syndrome is one of the biggest blockers for my personal and career development. When I understood it, I gradually started, with small and large steps, fighting with a syndrome in all available ways. In my talk, I will share my story and how it helped me grow from an ordinary developer to a team leader and, eventually, the leader of the entire department.

Oleksandr Zinevych

Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
Mastering cross-cultural communication [eng]

Key strategies for effective and respectful interactions across different cultures. Best practices for Ukrainian developers to communicate effectively in a multicultural team. Top things to know when working with LatAm clients & teams. Feedback matters: how to ask, give, and receive feedback across cultures. Tactics for overcoming language barriers and cultural misunderstandings.

Anna Gandrabura

(Founder of English For IT),
Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
I am an interviewer! Or how to conduct an interview so offended candidates don't threaten to break your nose [ukr]

Conducting interviews is not an easy task. After all, you need to be able not only to ask questions from the list of "100 boring questions for interviews", but also to listen to the answers, to be able to determine the weak and strong points of the candidate, to be a pleasant (at least a little) interviewee, to write good feedback and much more. Why? And for what? And this is what we will talk about with you and try to understand how to conduct interviews so after that candidates won't find your location via IP.

Serhii Babich

Soft Skills fwdays'24 conference
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