Highload fwdays'19

Conference for architectures, engineers and CTOs
Highload fwdays'19

Highload fwdays'19 is a large-scale developer conference that is dedicated to the development of high loaded technological projects, architecture, databases, DevOps etc.

The conference in figures

  • 1000
  • 9
    hours of networking
  • 25
  • 3
    Highload fwdays conference
  • 4
  • 960
    minutes of useful information

Usually you talk to them on Stack Overflow or GitHub. Apparently, you also follow their blogs, read articles or even use their products. Already on October 5 you will have an opportunity to discuss your troubles face to face because we have invited them to speak for you.


Talks may be reordered. The final program to be released by September 30

Speakers Selection Process

  • 1st step — “Blind selection”

    The consideration of applications happens through the evaluation of talks and descriptions. Only up-to-date apllications remained.

  • 2nd step — Online run-through

    Program committee listens to the speaker and his talk, asks questions and makes comments. Then the application is discussed between experts for the second time.

  • 3rd step — Rehearsal

    Offline meeting with speakers, organizers and program committee members, where we listene to every talk and make final corrections.

Do you want to be a speaker?

We are looking for practical up-to-date talks. If you are a developer and want to perform and share your experience, please, fill out the form by August 1st.

Call for papers

Ticket price

100 tickets Sold
3 700 UAH ≈$132
250 tickets
4 200 UAH ≈$150
Buy for 4 200 UAH ≈$150 Buy
250 tickets
4 900 UAH ≈$175
200 tickets
5 400 UAH ≈$192
−20% for participants of previous conferences 
It will be added automatically to account where you made a purchase previously
−50% for students of full-time education 
Send us a photo or a scanned copy of your Student's ID and a conference name to orgs@fwdays.com and we will send a promo code to you

Diversity tickets

We want to make Fwdays conferences available for everybody!
Diversity ticket is an opportunity to attend the conference for those who are less represented in the IT community and those who need the financial help.
Please fill in the form below to apply. The deadline for application is August 18.
5 people who will randomly get the tickets after thorough checks from Fwdays orgs will get the e-mails by August 21.
The discounted diversity tickets are at UAH 500 (~$18) per ticket.

Diversity tickets
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Kyiv, Mercure Congress Hall, 4 and 5 floors
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