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Event is over

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Discussion panel "Architecture"

Discussion video

Let's talk about microservices and Event Driven, discuss what an "Architect's career" is, and talk about Architecture KPI. During the discussion you will be able to actively ask questions in Sli.do, the most popular will also be asked by experts.

Vote and propose your topic here - https://app.sli.do/event/dthd5ifl/live/questions


  • Oleksii Petrov (AWS Certified Solution Architect)


  • Dmytro Lavrinenko (Architect @ GlobalLogic)
  • Maksym Bezuglyi (CEO @ Attracti S.a.r.l)
  • Yevgen Lysenko (Co-founder & CTO @ Concert.ua)
  • Dmitry Menshikov (C-level @ Aurora Technologies, consultant, evangelist)
  • Anastasiia Voitova (Product Engineer in Security & Cryptography @ Cossack Labs)
Anastasiia Voitova
Cossack Labs
  • Software engineer with a wide background
  • Focused on cryptography and applied security, now I'm building security tools for protecting data during the whole life cycle and maintaining open-source security library Themis
  • Speaking often at international conferences
  • Never tried coding on F#
  • Twitter, Github
Dmytro Lavrinenko
  • An architect who sometimes does useful things.
  • A specialist who sometimes makes the right decisions.
  • An innovator who understands the size of the tragedy after the introduction of innovations.
  • The modernist, who is choosing fashionable technology from time to time...
  • A person who knows the true meaning of the term "despair in IT" :)
Dmitry Menshikov
Aurora Technologies
  • C-level @ Aurora Technologies, consultant, evangelist
  • An active participant in International Software Architect Club, Kyiv CTO Meetup, PHP Friends Club, speaker at many conferences
  • Driven by the fact that the IT business is dominated by goal achievement, and languages and technology are only tools to achieve the goal
  • Has been writing code for 15 years, has been in management for 6 years, 7 years in highload, uses dozens of technologies and languages
  • Has a telegram channel "Об IT без галстуков"
  • Facebook
Oleksii Petrov
Solution architect at Jain Irrigation Inc.
  • Solution architect at Jain Irrigation Inc.
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • Docker/Kubernetes apologist
  • MongoDB Certified Developer
  • Active PHP Community Member
  • Twitter
Maksym Bezuglyi
Attracti S.a.r.l
  • 20 years in IT. CEO of Attracti S.a.r.l (Switzerland).
  • Founder of International Software Architect Club.
  • Extensive expertise in software architecture, management, development
  • Most interesting project is the full automation of ISO 9001.
  • Facebook
Yevgen Lysenko
Concert.ua, Co-founder & CTO
  • Co-founder & CTO @ Concert.ua – the leading Ukrainian ticketing company
  • System architect
  • Good at analyzing, building and rethinking systems
  • Trouble solver & crisis manager
  • Eager for new technologies and ways of thinking
  • Twitter, Github
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