Software Architecture fwdays'23 conference

The conference is dedicated to practical issues of software architecture
Software Architecture fwdays'23 conference
Software Architecture fwdays'23 conference

Software Architecture fwdays'23 — is the conference dedicated to practical issues of software architecture. Among our speakers are engineers from leading companies in Ukraine and around the world.

The main days of the conference will be held on September 19 (online) and 23 (online & offline). The talks will be in English and Ukrainian by local and international speakers.

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*10% of each ticket cost will be directed to humanitarian missions or trusted volunteer foundations of Ukraine 💙💛

  • Solution Architecture

    Architectural standards and frameworks, requirements analysis, architectural documentation, architecture evaluation

  • Cloud Architecture

    AWS / Google Cloud / Azure, cloud services, serverless, no code, cloud cost optimization

  • System Architecture

    Architectural approaches, microservices/monolith, sync/async, atomic/eventual

  • DevOps

    Kubernetes, Service Mesh, Istio, Terraform, Monitoring, CI/CD

Speakers online

Do you want to be a speaker?

We are looking for practical up-to-date talks. If you are a Software Architect and want to perform and share your experience, please, fill out the form below till August 7.

We have prepared recommendations for applying to the Fwdays conference, so that you can submit your talk as best you can.

Call for papers

Share expectations on what you'd like to learn about. Propose speaker or topic.

Sharing real feedback from past Software Architecture fwdays conferences (with permission from participants 👇


About talks from speakers
"Good talk with interesting use-cases. I was glad to hear it in Ukrainian language. Architecture was considered from different points of view. Thanks for the info!"

"The lessons learned by the team during the implementation were particularly useful."

"Many parts of the described architecture deserve separate talks. Thanks for the Ukrainian language and jokes about deno :D"

"This presentation was really helpful and practical. It gives food for thought and ushers to double check how you are working with cloud resources and what can be improved."

About conferences in general
"It was my first conference on architecture, everything was very interesting and I liked it. All the information was very helpful!"

"Very cool conference! It expands the horizons and gives an incentive to develop and show the directions of this development. Blitz interviews were also quite interesting to see how things are organized in large teams/companies."

"Great conference, plenty of really interesting talks."

"I checked only 3 talks, so I cannot comment on the other speakers. But I liked what I saw! Thank you for organizing the conference."

#FAQ or the most frequently asked questions

What will online be like?

Live broadcasts will be held on September 19 (Tuesday) and September 23 (Saturday). Online and Full ticket holders will be able to choose which talk to join.

Where will the online broadcast take place?

On the conference website. You just need only to log in to the website under the email, that you used while buying the ticket.

What will it be like offline?

Offline will be held on September 23 in Kyiv, at the office of Sigma Software. There will be one room where speakers will give talks live and remotely.

The number of places is limited (70 tickets).

Full ticket holders can enjoy live networking with speakers and participants, lunch and coffee breaks.

Which speakers will give a talk online and which will be offline?

In the "speakers" section, there will be speakers who will speak offline in Kyiv. In the section "online speakers" there are those who will speak remotely.

Safety measures during an air alert at an offline location?

The location has underground parking. During an air alert, participants will be able to descend into shelter.

Will the talks be recorded?

Yes, recordings will be available almost immediately on the website, after the conference.

Where to write questions to the organizers?

We use Telegram chat for news, communication and questions. Or you can write to us via email

Ticket price

Online ticket

Online access to talks of the conference during the streams on September 19 & 23

Access to all talks recordings after the event

Presentations of talks

Q&A with speakers after talks

Chat with speakers and participants

Certificate of the Software Architecture fwdays'23 conference participation

*10% of each ticket cost will be directed to humanitarian missions or trusted volunteer foundations of Ukraine.

2 490 UAH≈€61
20 tickets available
till 3 July — 2990 UAH≈€73
till 16 August — 3490 UAH≈€85
till 23 September — 3990 UAH≈€97
Buy ticket
Full ticket

All options from ONLINE TICKET

Offline participation in the event on September 23 (in Kyiv)

Delicious lunch and coffee breaks

Live networking with speakers and participants on September 23

*10% of each ticket cost will be directed to humanitarian missions or trusted volunteer foundations of Ukraine.

3 790 UAH≈€92
10 tickets available
next 30 — 4290 грн≈€105
next 20 — 4790 грн≈€117
next 10 — 5290 грн≈€129
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Fwdays is Ukrainian company, that is why payment for services is made in the national currency of Hryvnia. You can see the approximate price in Euros at blocks with the price.

−10% for participants of previous conferences 
It will be added automatically to account where you made a purchase previously
−30% for students of full-time education 
Send us a photo or a scanned copy of your Student's ID and a conference name to and we will send a promo code to you

Watch a video of the Software Architecture fwdays’22 online conference 😻

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