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Exploring MACH Principles [eng]

Talk presentation

In his presentation, Nikita Galkin will unveil the core principles of MACH. While these principles may already be familiar to you individually, their collective implementation creates an impressive synergy. Join Nikita to understand what makes MACH an ideal choice for startups where "time-to-market" is crucial. We will begin with a microservice-oriented mindset, which works effectively even in monolithic systems. Next, we will uncover how the "API-first" approach accelerates integrations. We will reiterate the significance of the "Cloud Native" approach for ambitious startups and explore why it's essential. Additionally, we'll delve into how the "headless" architecture changes the perception of data interaction. Throughout the presentation, the focus will remain on these concepts and practical tools that aid in their realization. Join Nikita Galkin in this session to gain a new perspective on architecture and practical approaches to its implementation.

Nikita Galkin
Independent Contractor
  • Fractional CTO/Cloud Architect/GDE
  • Author
  • Loves to develop a clean code using JavaScript / TypeScript, Node.js, Docker and AWS/GCP
  • Believes at 'Software is easy, people are hard'
  • Knows how to solve problems at the right level
  • Website
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