Python + DS fwdays'24 conference

Conference for Python developers and Data Science engineers
Event is over
Python + DS fwdays'24 conference
Python + DS fwdays'24 conference
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

Hello! To watch the broadcast of the conference you need to authorize on the site. If you have Online Ticket або Full Ticket, the players are already available below 👇

Check out more details about the program of the conference in our guide on Medium and about the Offline part of the conference — in the article.

* The panel discussion will take place in a shelter in case of an air alarm during the offline part of the Python + DS fwdays'24 conference.


Online Track A
Online Track B
Offline Track
Registration & welcome tea/coffee
45 min
10 min
Debugging python applications inside k8s environment
Andrii Soldatenko
Federated learning: out of reach no matter how close
Oleksandr Lapshyn
Apheris AI Gmbh
ML in Production
Oleksandr Bagan
ex DataRobot
20 min
Intro to WebGL with Python examples
Łukasz Langa
Python 3.8 and 3.9 Release Manager
GenAI Apps: Our Journey from Ideas to Production Excellence
Danil Topchii
Distributed graphs and microservices in
Maksym Kindritskyi (EVO)
20 min
Subclassing and Composition – A Pythonic Tour of Trade-Offs
Hynek Schlawack
Variomedia AG
How Preply reduced ML model development time from 1 month to 1 day
Yevhen Yevsyuhov
1 hour
Forcing unittest to function
Brandon Rhodes
Independent Consultant
What is a RAG system and how to build it
Dmytro Spodarets
Grid Dynamics та засновник Data Phoenix
Panel discussion
[Beginner - Advanced]
Oleksandr Bagan, Vsevolod Solovyov, Yehor Nazarkin, Oleksandr Tarasenko
25 min
LLMs for Python Engineers: Advanced Data Analysis and Semantic Kernel
Oleksander Krakovetskyi
10 min

Together with KOLO we are holding a "2+2 gathering"

Within the Python + DS fwdays'24 conference, together with KOLO, we are collecting money for 2 thermal imaging drones and 2 anti-drone, for the 10th Edelweiss Brigade. They will go to the east of Ukraine and help in reconnaissance on the contact line.

This raising is part of a larger raising organized by KOLO.

🎯 Goal: 100 000.00 ₴
🔗 Donate here

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What will online be like?

Live broadcast with two parallel tracks. Online Ticket holders will be able to choose which talk to join.

Where will the online broadcast take place?

On the conference website. You just need only to log in to the website under the email, that you used while buying the ticket.

What will offline be like?

Offline will be held in Kyiv. There will be one watching room where the speakers will perform live. The online track will also be available to Full Ticket holders, but it will be possible to view it on the day of the conference only on your own laptop/phone in the lobby.

Participants can enjoy live networking with speakers and participants, lunch and coffee breaks.

Which speakers will give a talk online and which will be offline?

In the "speakers" section, there will be speakers who will speak offline in Kyiv. In the section "online speakers" there are those who will speak remotely.

Safety measures during an air raid alert at the offline location?

The location has underground parking. During an air raid alert, participants together with the organizers will descend into the shelter. The offline part of the conference will be suspended until all clear.

Will the talks be recorded?

Yes, recordings will be available almost immediately on the website, after the conference.

Where to write questions to the organizers?

We use Telegram chat for news, communication and questions. Or you can write to us via email

Sharing real feedback from past fwdays conferences (with permission from participants) 👇


About talks from speakers
"The lessons the team learned during implementation were particularly useful."

"Very interesting report! Especially the parking lot and croissants)"

"A very cool report about your own experience. I realized that it's not as complicated as it might seem. It's cool to watch such reports between the purely practical ones and the ones to broaden your horizons."

"The informativeness of the talk is very high! Also, the speaker explained and showed everything in great detail. I would like to see her again at the next conf."

About conferences in general
"I attended only 3 reports, so I can't give feedback on other speakers. I liked what I saw! Thank you for organizing the conference."

"Thank you! I did not expect that it would be interesting all the time from the beginning to the end, that I would not even get tired."

"You guys are great, guys and girls. Thank you for the opportunity to relax and access to useful information in such a difficult time!"

"Great conference, lots of really interesting presentations."


Kyiv, st. Olenivska 23, Kyiv

Check videos of talks from the previous Python fwdays’20 online conference:

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