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Node.js Development in 2024: trends and tools [eng]

This talk aims to highlight the latest features and tools in the Node.js ecosystem. Nikita will showcase new JavaScript/TypeScript constructs, explain use cases for the new features in Node.js v20, and provide insight into the rising popularity of various frameworks and tools. However, the main focus will be on providing insightful answers to critical questions: how, when, and most importantly, why these features should be used in product development.

Nikita Galkin

(Independent Contractor),
Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Node.js vs workers — A comparison of two JavaScript runtimes [eng]

Workers is the open source kernel of the Cloudflare Workers platform, and despite being built around v8, and running JavaScript and WebAssembly, it is quite different from Node.js. This talk will explore the differences and similarities and hopefully give you a bit more insight into how both operate.

James M Snell

Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Running students' code in isolation. The hard way [ukr]

We'll talk about running code that cannot be trusted and the additional difficulties in testing it. We will touch on both application and infrastructure solutions. And, of course, I will share real-life stories of situations where things went awry and about fire-fighting.

Yurii Holiuk

(Mate academy),
Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Prompt Engineering for Node.js developers [ukr]

In this talk, we will raise several important topics: - Is code really such an important business asset? And if not, why are developers still getting paid. - How exactly Node.js developers can increase their efficiency using "stupid" AI based on GPT-4 to perform their tasks. And we have to go beyond "Write the documentation on this code". - Who are the Prompt Engineers, and why can you be fired in a year because of them?

Vitalii Ratushnyi

(Software Engineer),
Node.js fwdays'23 conference
AI and how to integrate ChatGPT as a customer support agent [ukr]

<p>State and opportunities of modern AI services by example of ChatGPT and how to use it to create a customer support assistant for E-Commerce project.</p>

Sergey Dyachok

Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Package management in monorepos [eng]

<p>We’ll talk about some of the pain points and look into recipes for effective package management in monorepos. We’ll talk about how package management works with npm, pnpm, and Yarn. Furthermore, I’ll show you a new tool that is less known but improves developer experience by a lot. </p>

Zoltan Kochan

Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Surviving highload with Node.js [ukr]

<p>Is Node.js suitable for highload applications? Yes! But what makes the regular Node.js application suitable for highload that will it survive 100k req/s for a reasonable price? In my talk we will go through potential bottlenecks, and how to find and fight them. What metrics can show us potential problems? How to decide, when and how we should scale our application? Also, I’ll show some interesting cases of debugging issues in real-world highload Node.js apps. </p>

Andrii Shumada

Node.js fwdays'23 conference
# NODE_ENV=production is a lie [eng]

If we don't run the same code everywhere, we will be hit by bugs that we cannot reproduce across environments. So, we set NODE_ENV=production everywhere. How should we distinguish across environments, then?

Matteo Collina

Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Can Machines Dream of Secure Code? [eng]

Do machines hallucinate insecure code? In the blink of an eye we jumped on the AI bandwagon and pivoted from AI skepticism to AI adoption, but what did we trade off exactly? Writing secure code is tougher than it seems and we humans are getting it wrong time and time again. Even highly popular open-source software projects are repeatedly found vulnerable. So how does ChatGPT or GitHub Copilot live up to standards of secure software? developers have already embraced AI for augmented software development but let's challenge those AI tools you've come to rely on day-to-day and see how capable they are in producing secure software.

Liran Tal

Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Running Node.js in your browser with WebContainers [ukr]

WebContainers which bring Node.js runtime directly to your browser.

Oleksandr Zinevych

JavaScript fwdays’23 conference
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