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Impact of front-end architecture on development cost [ukr]

I have heard many times that architecture is not important for the front-end. Also, many times I have seen how developers implement features on the front-end just following the standard rules for a framework and think that this is enough to successfully launch the project, and then the project fails. How to prevent this and what approach to choose? I have launched dozens of complex projects and during the talk we will analyze which approaches have worked for me and which have not.

Viktor Turskyi

(Google, WebbyLab),
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
What I learned through reverse engineering [ukr]

In recent years, I have gained most of my knowledge through reverse engineering, how I did it and what I learned during this period, I decided to share. All this concerns graphic programming, performance, best practices in the frontend.

Yuri Artiukh

(CEO @ Coderiver),
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
Micro frontends: Unbelievably true life story [ukr]

A real life story about the experience of using Micro frontends in an existing Enterprise product. Problems and their solutions on the way from the integration of a separate component to an extensible No-code platform.

Dmytro Pavlov

(Head Of Development at Creatio),
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
Simple i18n for your project with ttag [ukr]

In this talk, I will introduce ttag — a simple javascript solution for adding internationalization to your projects. After this talk, you will have an understanding of how to integrate the continuous translation process in your project. Also will share some thoughts and experience on what pros and cons of making your library open source.

Oleksandr Mostovenko

(EVO. Company),
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
Getting to the glass — approaches to rendering views on the web [eng]

In this talk, we’ll explore a number of popular techniques for populating and delivering content into web views for our users. We’ll compare different rendering models to help us understand the benefits and limitations of each one, and we’ll build examples with different tools to show how our choices influence the developer experience, user experience, and environmental impact of our projects.

Phil Hawksworth

(Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify),
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
How to start refactoring someone else's code and not to quit a job in a month [ukr]

A short story about the horrors we had to face while working on someone else's code, how we managed to master ourselves and start simultaneously adding new features and slowly modernizing the old ones. About how to understand a week in four pages and why legacy is not always bad, but on the contrary — a great opportunity to pump yourself up.

Serhii Babich

JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
Objects validation and comparison using runtime types (io-ts) [ukr]

A common task in modern JS is parsing, validating and then comparing JSON objects. In this talk I will quickly go through most common ways to parse/validate and compare objects we use today and then focus more on how runtime types (based on io-ts) can help make such tasks easier and quicker to implement.

Oleksandr Suhak

(Senior Software Engineer @ Scalable Capital),
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
JavaScript. Standard evolution, when nobody cares [ukr]

Should we take a look at JavaScript when everyone is writing in TypeScript? What happens to the standard? What did we get last year? What new features can we expect this and next year? And most importantly, when will Observer be standardized? Let's try to answer all these questions and even a little more, dream about the future, and enjoy that Observer is alive (or not).

Roman Savitskyi

JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
Node.js Development in 2024: trends and tools [eng]

This talk aims to highlight the latest features and tools in the Node.js ecosystem. Nikita will showcase new JavaScript/TypeScript constructs, explain use cases for the new features in Node.js v20, and provide insight into the rising popularity of various frameworks and tools. However, the main focus will be on providing insightful answers to critical questions: how, when, and most importantly, why these features should be used in product development.

Nikita Galkin

(Independent Contractor),
Node.js fwdays'23 conference
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