Node.js fwdays'23 conference

Conference for Node.js developers
Event is over
Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

Hello! To watch the broadcast of the conference you need to authorize on the site. If you have Online Ticket або Full Ticket, the players are already available below 👇

Check out more details about the program of the conference in our guide on Medium and about the Offline part of the conference — in the article.

Node.js fwdays'23 — the first conference from Fwdays dedicated to Node.js practices and tools.

There will be Ukrainian and international experts, discussions with top specialists, intresting cases.

The main conference day will be held on December 2 in online & offline (Kyiv) formats.

Part of the profit will be donated to humanitarian funds or trusted volunteers 💙💛

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Online Track (December 2)
Offline Track (December 2)
Registration & welcome tea/coffee
45 min
10 min
Can Machines Dream of Secure Code?
Liran Tal
Surviving highload with Node.js
Andrii Shumada
30 min
# NODE_ENV=production is a lie
Matteo Collina
Running students' code in isolation. The hard way
Yurii Holiuk
Mate academy
10 min
Package management in monorepos
Zoltan Kochan
AI and how to integrate ChatGPT as a customer support agent
Sergey Dyachok
Lunch break
60 min
Node.js Development in 2024: trends and tools
Nikita Galkin
Independent Contractor
Prompt Engineering for Node.js developers
Vitalii Ratushnyi
Software Engineer
15 min
Node.js vs workerd — A comparison of two JavaScript runtimes
James M Snell
Drizzle: What Is It All About?
Alex Blokh, Dan Kochetov
10 min

Raising for FPV drones

Within the conference, together with Vitalii Ratushnyi and Borys Mohyla (Vinnytsia JS) we are raising money for the 10 FPV drones for the 59th brigade of the 11th battalion "Kyivska Rus", which is currently in the Avdiivskyi direction.

🎯 Goal: 150 000.00 ₴
🔗 Donate to the monobank card
💳 Card number: 5375 4112 1144 6674

Sharing real feedback from past Fwdays conferences (with permission from participants) 👇


About talks from speakers
"Very informative talk with cool software solutions and insights."

"Top talk: issues voiced, solutions shown, code examples — 🔥"

"Raises difficult questions about important things. At the very least, it forces you to think about your own approaches, at the most, to implement changes in them."

"Great talk and interesting speaker!"

About conferences in general
"Thank you, very cool conference. There was a lot of useful information."

"Well done, boys and girls. Thank you for the opportunity to relax and access to useful information in such a difficult time!"

"Clarity of organization of the entire event. Huge thanks to the organizers!"

"Organization at a very high level, everything without delays, no technical problems, there was an opportunity to communicate with all speakers."


What will online be like?

Live broadcast with two parallel tracks. Online Ticket holders will be able to choose which talk to join.

Where will the online broadcast take place?

On the conference website. You just need only to log in to the website under the email, that you used while buying the ticket.

What will offline be like?

Offline will be held in Kyiv, at the Mercure Congress Hall. There will be one watching room where the speakers will perform live. The online track will also be available to Full Ticket holders, but it will be possible to view it on the day of the conference only on your own laptop/phone in the lobby.

Participants can enjoy live networking with speakers and participants, lunch and coffee breaks.

Which speakers will give a talk online and which will be offline?

In the "speakers" section, there will be speakers who will speak offline in Kyiv. In the section "online speakers" there are those who will speak remotely.

Safety measures during an air alert at the offline location?

The location has underground parking. During an air alert, participants will be able to descend into shelter.

Will the talks be recorded?

Yes, recordings will be available almost immediately on the website, after the conference.

Where to write questions to the organizers?

We use Telegram chat for news, communication and questions. Or you can write to us via email

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Kyiv, st. Vadyma Hetmana, 6, Mercure Congress Hall, 4 floor
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