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JavaScript. Standard evolution, when nobody cares [ukr]

Should we take a look at JavaScript when everyone is writing in TypeScript? What happens to the standard? What did we get last year? What new features can we expect this and next year? And most importantly, when will Observer be standardized? Let's try to answer all these questions and even a little more, dream about the future, and enjoy that Observer is alive (or not).

Roman Savitskyi

JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
«The contract with the Devil»: pitfalls of TypeScript generated code from a GraphQL schema [ukr]

<p>There are traps in the world of software development that can catch even experienced developers off guard. The talk will reveal the non-obvious aspects of using generated contracts between the server and the client, in particular, in the context of TypeScript and GraphQL. Join us to hear a story where developers face real challenges and temptations in the world of code. We'll see what consequences blind compliance with the conditions can lead to. And also we will try to find out "where is the Devil hiding in?".</p>

Oleh Dutchenko

(Wezom, Fronted Tech Lead),
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
Node.js Development in 2024: trends and tools [eng]

This talk aims to highlight the latest features and tools in the Node.js ecosystem. Nikita will showcase new JavaScript/TypeScript constructs, explain use cases for the new features in Node.js v20, and provide insight into the rising popularity of various frameworks and tools. However, the main focus will be on providing insightful answers to critical questions: how, when, and most importantly, why these features should be used in product development.

Nikita Galkin

(Independent Contractor),
Node.js fwdays'23 conference
Do you really need your test environment? [ukr]

In this talk we will explore a way to develop and deploy using only local and production environment. Together we will take a look how AB-tests, feature toggles, good test strategy and CI/CD can increase the development velocity and time-to-fix rate.

Vlad Kampov

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Why I left React in my TypeScript projects and where [ukr]

<p> Instead of provocative theses, I will try to share a vision with you: </p> <ul> <li>what's important about TypeScript and its ecosystem in recent years</li> <li>why TypeScript won't be able to replace ReScript for me and why I don't see it as a problem</li> <li>what (didn't) appear in React, why and what risks I see</li> <li>how competitive ecosystems have developed and why you should be interested in them</li></ul>

Illya Klymov

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
In the Lab: Crafting the No-Code Editor POC [ukr]

Join us for an exclusive look at our No-Code Editor. I'll guide you through its design, architecture, and the decisions we've made — but don't worry, I'll keep the technical jargon accessible and easy to follow. Explore how our project is structured and the libraries we use. It's a backstage pass to our startup, made simple!

Oleksandr Maliuta

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Lies We Tell Ourselves Using TypeScript v2 [eng]

In this talk, we look at situations where TypeScript fails badly and learn why things have to be that way. We talk about trade-offs, workarounds, and ultimately solutions for all the damn, terrible lies we tell ourselves when using TypeScript.

Stefan Baumgartner

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
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