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Interview with the Vampire [ukr]

Let's talk about the purpose of technical interviews, try to consider different types of interviews and determine what benefit or harm they bring, pay attention to the most common mistakes of both candidates and interviewers, and make a cheeky attempt to derive the formula for an ideal interview.

Serhii Babich

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
React-query — perfect tool for data, caching, timeouts handling in React Apps [ukr]

Need a cool data management tool, don't want to bother with state, context & redux. I invite you to dive into the world of react-query with me! I will share my personal experience with you and tell you WHY this library is worth your attention!

Liliia Karpenko

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Using React Native as a platform [ukr]

I will tell you about our experience of using React Native in a non-obvious way, what came out of it and why our customers and users liked it so much.

Andrii Chubai

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Do you really need your test environment? [ukr]

In this talk we will explore a way to develop and deploy using only local and production environment. Together we will take a look how AB-tests, feature toggles, good test strategy and CI/CD can increase the development velocity and time-to-fix rate.

Vlad Kampov

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Dude, where’s my boilerplate? [ukr]

After night of partying Oleksii can’t find boilerplate in his project. Was it stolen? Or maybe it’s just someone’s sick joke? Let’s deep dive into this mystery!

Oleksii Makodzeba

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Why I left React in my TypeScript projects and where [ukr]

<p> Instead of provocative theses, I will try to share a vision with you: </p> <ul> <li>what's important about TypeScript and its ecosystem in recent years</li> <li>why TypeScript won't be able to replace ReScript for me and why I don't see it as a problem</li> <li>what (didn't) appear in React, why and what risks I see</li> <li>how competitive ecosystems have developed and why you should be interested in them</li></ul>

Illya Klymov

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
KillTech project: through innovation to a winning capability [ukr]

This talk will be about the success stories of the best Ukrainian KillTech product. We will demonstrate our long-term experience in the development of features, which impress with their killTechness.

Taras Shevchuk

(Center of innovations),

Yelyzaveta Boiko

(Center of innovations),
React+TS fwdays’23 conference
In the Lab: Crafting the No-Code Editor POC [ukr]

Join us for an exclusive look at our No-Code Editor. I'll guide you through its design, architecture, and the decisions we've made — but don't worry, I'll keep the technical jargon accessible and easy to follow. Explore how our project is structured and the libraries we use. It's a backstage pass to our startup, made simple!

Oleksandr Maliuta

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Pixel-Pushing Pundit Challenges in 2023, or Non-functional Requirements for Modern Front-end Applications [ukr]

Let's talk about the complexity of modern frontend applications and the challenges facing contemporary development — security, performance, accessibility, and other non-functional requirements that a front-end developer must take into account while developing their application in 2023.

Vitalii Ruban

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
Crafting a Third-Party Banking Library with Web Components and React [ukr]

This talk will be about how Unit built White-Label UI Components in React while making them completely native. We will discuss rendering React in Web Components, communication with them via native JS events, and the modularity of each Component.

German Smolyar

React+TS fwdays’23 conference
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