JavaScript fwdays’24 conference

JavaScript fwdays’24 conference
JavaScript fwdays’24 conference

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Check out more details about the program of the conference in our guide on Medium and about the Offline part of the conference — in the article.


In case of an air alarm during the event, the program of the Offline Track of the conference may be changed

Offline Track (May 25)
Online Track (May 25)
Registration & welcome tea/coffee
45 min
10 min
Simple i18n for your project with ttag
Oleksandr Mostovenko
EVO. Company
20 min
JavaScript. Standard evolution, when nobody cares
Roman Savitskyi
Objects validation and comparison using runtime types (io-ts)
Oleksandr Suhak
Senior Software Engineer
20 min
Impact of front-end architecture on development cost
Viktor Turskyi
Google, WebbyLab
Getting to the glass — approaches to rendering views on the web
Phil Hawksworth
Lunch break
60 min
What I learned through reverse engineering
Yuri Artyukh
Micro frontends: Unbelievably true life story
Dmytro Pavlov
15 min
Frontend 2024: pulling in different directions
Illya Klymov
10 min

Sharing real feedback from past Fwdays conferences (with permission from participants) 👇


About talks from speakers
"Very informative talk with cool software solutions and insights."

"Top talk: issues voiced, solutions shown, code examples — 🔥"

"Raises difficult questions about important things. At the very least, it forces you to think about your own approaches, at the most, to implement changes in them."

"Great talk and interesting speaker!"

About conferences in general
"Thank you, very cool conference. There was a lot of useful information."

"Well done, boys and girls. Thank you for the opportunity to relax and access to useful information in such a difficult time!"

"Clarity of organization of the entire event. Huge thanks to the organizers!"

"Organization at a very high level, everything without delays, no technical problems, there was an opportunity to communicate with all speakers."

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Raising for FPV drones

Within the JavaScript fwdays'24 conference, with Yuri Artyukh, we are raising money for the FPV drones for the Arhus 38, 38 OBrMP.

🎯 Goal: 120 000.00 ₴
🔗 Donate to the monobank card
💳 Card number: 5375 4112 1844 0712

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