React fwdays’22 conference

The conference is devoted to React.js
React fwdays’22 conference
React fwdays’22 conference

The first conference of the fwdays’22 season 💥

React fwdays’22 for the second year in a row will bring together developers who use React in their projects.

The conference promises participants a better understanding of the React library, a lot of useful information, top speakers, interesting talks, networking and communication.

We look forward to the following topics of talks: server components, testing, React for 3D, migrating to React, Web Components. The CFP application form is below 😉

The conference will be held in a hybrid format with three options (FREE ONLINE, FULL ONLINE, OFFLINE & ONLINE). The main day of the conference starts on February 26. Also, weekdays with additional formats will be waiting for you.

In Telegram chat of the conference, we are writing more, join.

Do you want to be a speaker?

We are looking for practical up-to-date talks. If you are a developer and want to perform and share your experience, please, fill out the form by January 28th.

Your talk can be related to the topics including but not limited to:

  • Server components, suspense for date fetching

  • Testing (enzyme, react testing library, performance, best practices)

  • React for 3D

  • Migrating to React, from React to Vue

  • React and exotic library

  • How to use Svelte in React-e

  • Web Components

  • State management in React

  • Call for papers

    • Who are the speakers?

      These are the people who learned React the hard way. They’ll share their stories and important discoveries made throughout their careers.

    • What will I get from this conference?

      Talks, dialogues, panels, workshops, networking, new technologies, tutorials, and simply interesting stories from other React developers' lives. Surely, you won’t learn React in a day, but you’ll definitely find out (or even get surprised by) something new.

    • What will online be like?

      We’ll have a live stream with speakers and pro-moderator, panel discussions, and our traditional lottery from our partners. You’ll see the speakers from all kinds of sides, instead of just the face with a microphone. And we’ll make sure that the streamed image and sound are top quality.

    • What will offline be like?

      Live communication on the sidelines with participants and speakers, networking, several tracks, photos from professional photographers, coffee breaks and lunch, loud afterparty.


    Ticket price

    Online Free

    Access to talks of the FREE ONLINE conference track (February 26)

    Access to talks presentations

    Online Full

    Access to talks of the all conference tracks (February 26)

    Participation in all additional formats on weekdays

    Instant access to the talks recordings

    Access to the live for 3 months after the conference

    Q&A with speakers: get your answer right after you ask a question

    Private chat for participants and speakers

    Access to talks presentations

    Certificate of the React fwdays’22 conference participation

    1 290 UAH ≈$47
    till 30 January
    20 tickets — 890 UAH
    till 13 February — 1490 UAH
    till 26 February — 1690 UAH
    Buy ticket
    Offline & Online

    All options from Online Full package

    OFFLINE participation in the main day of the conference on February 26

    Delicious lunch and coffee breaks

    Swag bag

    In the presence of vaccination or test *

    3 100 UAH ≈$115
    20 tickets
    till 30 January — 3700 UAH
    till 13 February — 4100 UAH
    till 26 February — 4900 UAH
    Buy ticket
    −10% for participants of previous conferences 
    It will be added automatically to account where you made a purchase previously
    −30% for students of full-time education 
    Send us a photo or a scanned copy of your Student's ID and a conference name to and we will send a promo code to you

    Covid-19 Safety Measures

    Just like you, we cannot wait for our meeting at the offline conference. And we deeply care about everyone’s health and safety. That is why we are going to stick to all safety measures recommended by the Cabinet of Ministers.

    We are actively following all new items that get added to the RESOLUTION OF THE CABINET OF MINISTERS OF UKRAINE of December 9, 2020, No. 1236 “On the establishment of quarantine and introduction of restrictive anti-epidemic actions for prevention of distribution in the territory of Ukraine of acute respiratory disease of COVID-19, of SARS-CoV-2 caused by coronavirus”.

    Terms of offline visits may be changed in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers.

    The current situation with the coronavirus in Ukraine.

    The government provides recommendations for quarantine measures, as well as information on vaccination.

    Security measures at the offline conference:

    1. *All participants and organizers of the event must have a certificate of receipt of at least one dose of vaccine against COVID-19 or a negative PCR test/rapid test for COVID-19, valid for 72 hours.
    2. All participants have to be wearing protective masks or respirators while staying indoors.
    3. Temperature checks are going to be performed during registration.
    4. Places with disinfectants and masks will be available on the territory of the Congress Hall.
    5. Surfaces that participants can touch will be timely disinfected.
    6. Seatings in the hall will be arranged as recommended by the Cabinet of Ministers.
    7. Distance of 1.5 meters between participants has to be maintained at all times, both during the talks and coffee breaks.
    8. Ventilation of halls will be performed at breaks.
    9. Participants will be registered in small groups to avoid large crowds.

    Check videos of talks from the previous React fwdays’21 online conference:

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    Kyiv, Mercure Congress Hall, 4 floor
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