Internal processes of KOLO, volunteering and "Povitryana Truvoga"

On Friday, July 8, at 5 p.m., we will hold a charity stream.

The goal of the stream is to raise UAH 300,000 for our defenders on the front line. The money will be donated to the fund KOLO.


  • Yevgen Kovalevskyi ((Co-founder & CTO of the charity fund "KOLO"))
  • Stepan Tanasiychuk (CEO Stfalcon, co-founder Fwdays, creator of the "Povitryana Truvoga" application)
  • Yuri Artyukh (Founder of frontend agency)

The stream host is Oleksandr Solovyov (CTO at Kasta)

Guests of the stream will discuss interesting topics of today:

  • internal processes of KOLO — a team of top IT companies that created a fund to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • about the "Povitryana Truvoga" application, which saves the lives of millions of people: where did the idea come from, where do they get the data, did they talk to the ministry before releasing the app, etc.
  • about volunteering, livecoding, and much more.
Stream link

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Number of card: 5375 4112 0222 1342


BTC: 1CDnTkiJDdJnRcc5X35UkF7up9UbtvFwzZ

ETH (ERC20) i USDT (ERC20): 0x5e86b1f53ceba7e0aadfb224fcb8d2fed9aaa878

Among the top 10 biggest donates, we will randomly draw one keychain. The second will be drawn randomly among all those who will send more than 1,000 UAH. Keychains are made from Russian aircraft.

And Yuri Artyukh randomly will present his cup.

Alexander Solovyov
  • That guy behind @asolovyov
  • As they said at Hacker News: the author comes off as fairly junior
  • Habitue of the JavaScript fwdays
  • Builds the products to be proud of
Yuri Artyukh
  • frontend agency founder
  • Long time html/css coder, now having passion in animations and WebGL
  • Had a blog at cssing, hosts a YouTube channel where he makes live coding on Sundays
  • GitHub, Twitter
Yevgen Kovalevskyi
  • СТО at TECHIIA Holding, Co-founder&CTO KOLO
  • More than 12 years in the development and launch of digital products
  • Built dozens of teams from 5 to 130 people
  • Launched B2B and B2C products on the domestic and international market
Stepan Tanasiychuk
  • CEO at Stfalcon
  • He invented and manages the development of the "Povitryana Truvoga" application, which saves people's lives. 7 million downloads
  • Co-founder of Fwdays — the largest technical conferences in Ukraine (more than 120 events)
  • He created the Stfalcon company from scratch, which is among the top 200 global outsourced mobile application development companies
  • Created a road quality map of Ukraine. At the time of exit from the project, there were 120,000 users who collected information and more than 700,000 km of evaluated roads in the database
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