React fwdays’21 online conference

The conference is devoted to React.js
React fwdays’21 online conference
React fwdays’21 online conference

It has never happened before, but it’s about to — the first-ever React conference from Fwdays in Ukraine is happening. And you can become a part of it.

React fwdays’21 is meant to bring the React community together, find its stars and define the shared problems to brood over. We’ll have speakers covering their distinctive topics, listen to all of your questions and give thorough answers.

Find out more about the conference from our Facebook, Twitter та Telegram chat.

  • Who are the speakers?

    These are the people who learned React the hard way. They’ll share their stories and important discoveries made throughout their careers. You can even know some of them from our JavaScript fwdays. Anyways, we’ll announce the list of speakers pretty soon, so stay tuned.

  • What will I get from this conference?

    Talks, dialogues, panels, workshops, networking, new technologies, tutorials, and simply interesting stories from other React developers' lives. Surely, you won’t learn React in a day, but you’ll definitely find out (or even get surprised by) something new.

  • Will it all happen online? How?

    We’ll have a live stream with speakers and pro-moderator, panel discussions, and our traditional lottery from our partners “Who knows…?”. You’ll see the speakers from all kinds of sides, instead of just the face with a microphone. And we’ll make sure that the streamed image and sound are top quality.

  • What about networking?

    We’re bringing it online. We create zoom-rooms, gather around participants, give out tasks, and discuss them later. We can do morning warm-ups, eye exercises, or even puzzles. But what we really mean is that the in-between breaks will be filled with cheery community gatherings.

How is our online conference better than our off-line conference?

  • You can pause it and come back with a coffee without missing a single thing.
  • You don’t have to travel or commute anywhere. You can join us from the comfort of your own apartment.
  • You don’t have to rush to get the best seat to see the slides clearly.
  • You’re the one setting the volume and temperature so there won’t be annoying-loud speakers and stuffy halls.
  • You can ask any question because the speaker is just a comment away from you.

Feel the atmosphere of online conferences in 2020:

Diversity tickets

We want to make Fwdays conferences available for everybody!

Diversity ticket is an opportunity to attend the conference for those who are less represented in the IT community and those who need the financial help.

Please fill in the form below to apply. The deadline for application is March 17. The discounted diversity tickets are at UAH 50 (~$1.8) per ticket. 10 people who will randomly get the tickets after thorough checks from Fwdays orgs will get the e-mails by March 22.

Diversity tickets

Ticket price


Participate in the sponsors quizes and raffles

Ask the representatives of the leading IT companies your questions during the sessions with the sponsors

Access to talks presentations

Watch live the conference talks on March 27


Everything from the Free package

Participation in additional formats on weekdays evenings

Instant access to the talks recordings

Access to the live for 3 months after the conference

Q&A with speakers: get your answer right after you ask a question

Private chat for participants and speakers in Discord

Join the AfterParty

Certificate of the React fwdays’21 conference participation

990 UAH ≈$35
till 5 March 2 days left
30 tickets — 790 UAH
till 22 March — 1290 UAH
till 27 March — 1490 UAH
Buy ticket
−10% for participants of previous conferences 
It will be added automatically to account where you made a purchase previously
−30% for students of full-time education 
Send us a photo or a scanned copy of your Student's ID and a conference name to and we will send a promo code to you
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