Event is over
Event is over

Remote in 2020: how it was and what we've learned in teamwork

It seems that you and I are more accustomed to working online than anyone else. But how ready were we really for last year's twists and turns?

Let's look back and remember how it all started, what interesting cases in online communication faced by each of the participants in the discussion, what transformations took place in the changing teams, and most importantly how we all did not go crazy and why we learned cool.


  • Natalia Tepluhina (GitLab);
  • Mark Orel (Software developer);
  • Sergey Frolov (Software developer);
  • Kateryna Porshnieva (Veriff )

Moderator: Kateryna Pozdnysheva (Aejis)

Natalia Tepluhina
  • Vue.js Core Team Member.
  • Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab.
  • A conference speaker and author of articles on different topics related to Vue.js. Thanks to these activities she has got a title of Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.
  • A constant learner and loves to share knowledge with other people.
  • A CTO of VueVixens, the non-profit initiative that creates and hosts workshops to teach Vue.js to women in a cool and fun way.
  • Twitter
Mark Orel
Software developer
  • Writes programs
  • Drinks Guinness
  • Solves problems
  • Skater
  • Twitter
Kateryna Pozdnysheva
  • Project Manager at Aejis
  • For the last few years, her focus is Project Management, however, she has also a significant experience in HR-branding for tech and Event Management for tech-oriented conferences
  • Co-organizer YGLF, Zlit
Kateryna Porshnieva
  • Engineering Team Lead in Veriff (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Has been working with front-end for more than 7 years
  • Co-founded the React Kyiv community and co-organised YGLF conference in Kyiv
  • Passionate about clean code, testing, design systems and good UI/UX
Sergey Frolov
Software developer
  • Front-End Technical Lead
  • Angular Expert
  • Speaker
  • Founder BeerJS Kyiv / ngKyiv / Zlit
  • Twitter
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