React. To be or not to be.

Talk video

History and practice show that a lot of technologies (not only in the frontend), live their peak hype and then go to the plateau of productivity. And as soon as one generation of developers is replaced by a new one, no one knows why and why this solution first appeared.

And after 7 years of React, there is a question: "Do we need it now?", "Why did we choose it?", "Maybe the new generation will be able to live without it?»

Discussion participants:

  • Alexander Solovyov (Kasta)
  • Yehor Lvivski (GitHub/Microsoft)
  • Roman Liutikov (Pitch)
Alexander Solovyov
  • That guy behind @asolovyov
  • As they said at Hacker News: the author comes off as fairly junior
  • Habitue of the JavaScript fwdays
  • Builds the products to be proud of
Yehor Lvivski
GitHub / Microsoft
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager at GitHub
  • Builds teams
  • Breaks code
  • GitHub, Twitter
Roman Liutikov
  • Software Engineer at Pitch
  • Frontend Engineer for over 10 years
  • Works with React from 2015
  • Active member in Clojure community
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram
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