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Optimization and hares [ukr]

Talk presentation

Throw your useMemo and useCallback to hell! Have you been told that they optimize your code? Ha! They don't optimize anything! Don't believe? Then be sure to watch my talk on why in 99% of cases these hooks are not only unnecessary, but even harmful to the performance of your code.

And there will be a hare in the talk.

Serhii Babich
  • Solution Architect at Edvantis
  • Serhii Babich a man of extraordinary abilities and with absolutely no modesty. Speaker, blogger, YouTuber. Take away his billions and what will be left? That's right, the same Babich, because he didn't have any billions!
  • Thirteenth year in web development, fifth year in speaking. Someone knows him, someone will hear about him for the first time, someone still curses the day when they agreed to stay with him for a beer after the afterparty
  • Worked both with ReactJS, AngularJS and Angular, as well as with little-known libraries which names he no longer remembers. Partly because of memory problems. From all of this, he only likes HTML and CSS
  • He has his own Telegram channel, actively posts on LinkedIn, shoots videos for YouTube. Writes about life. Swears everywhere
  • Has page on Facebook "Сергій Бабіч та Дивовижний світ веброзробки"
  • Telegram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Skillreveal
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