.NET fwdays'22 conference

Conference for .NET developers
.NET fwdays'22 conference
.NET fwdays'22 conference

.NET fwdays'22 — is a large conference dedicated to .NET technology that, for 8 years in a row, brings together architects, developers, and testers who use the .NET framework in their work. This conference guarantees that participants will better understand .NET technologies around .NET, NET Core, C #, ASP.NET Core, Azure, and others.

The conference will be held in a hybrid format with three options (FREE ONLINE, FULL ONLINE, OFFLINE & ONLINE). The conference will start on August 20 at 10 a.m (UTC + 3) and weekdays with additional formats.

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  • Who are the speakers?

    These are the people who learned .NET the hard way. They’ll share their stories and important discoveries made throughout their careers.

  • What will I get from this conference?

    Talks, dialogues, panels, workshops, networking, new technologies, tutorials, and simply interesting stories from other .NET developers' lives. Surely, you won’t learn .NET in a day, but you’ll definitely find out (or even get surprised by) something new.

  • What will online be like?

    We’ll have a live stream with speakers and pro-moderator, panel discussions, and our traditional lottery from our partners. You’ll see the speakers from all kinds of sides, instead of just the face with a microphone. And we’ll make sure that the streamed image and sound are top quality.

  • What will offline be like?

    Live communication on the sidelines with participants and speakers, networking, several tracks, photos from professional photographers, coffee breaks and lunch, loud afterparty.

Do you want to be a speaker?

We are looking for practical up-to-date talks. If you are a developer, .NET engineer and want to perform and share your experience, please, fill out the form by July 11.

We have prepared recommendations for applying to the Fwdays conference, so that you can submit your talk as best you can.

Call for papers

Watch a video of the .NET fwdays’21 conference 😻:

Chatbot in Telegram

Only basic information, reminders about the approach of the conference, reminders about the speeches of speakers, the opportunity to ask questions to the organizers, all this and even a little more in our chatbot in Telegram for participants of our conferences. Follow the link, click "Start" and do not turn off the sound, so as not to miss the beginning 🙂

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