DevOps fwdays'24 conference

The conference is dedicated to DevOps practices and tools.
Event is over
DevOps fwdays'24 conference
DevOps fwdays'24 conference
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Hello! To watch the broadcast of the conference you need to authorize on the site. If you have Online Ticket або Full Ticket, the players are already available below 👇

Check out more details about the program of the conference in our guide on Medium and about the Offline part of the conference — in the article.

* The panel discussion will take place in a shelter in case of an air alarm during the offline part of the DevOps fwdays'24 conference.


In case of an air alarm during the event, the program of the Offline Track of the conference may be changed

Online Track (February 17)
Offline Track (February 17)
Registration & welcome tea/coffee
45 min
10 min
Testing of Helm Charts or There and Back Again
Yura Rochniak
Platform Engineer
How we created an SRE team in Temabit as a part of FOZZY Group in conditions of war
Oleksandr Sapozhnikov
Temabit, FOZZY Group
30 min
Streamlining Compliance: Leveraging Open-Source Terraform AWS modules
Anton Babenko
AWS Community Hero / Terraform influencer
Running Open-Source LLM models on Kubernetes
Volodymyr Tsap
10 min
Crisis to Calm: Incident Management’s Role in Business Stability
Oleksii Ostapets
Lunch break
60 min
AIRe - AI Reliability Engineering
Denys Vasyliev
GfK — An NIQ Company
DevOps Practisting Platform on EKS with Karpenter autoscaling
Dmytro Kozhevin
15 min
Platform Engineering with Development Containers
Igor Fesenko
How to mentor (future) devops engineers
Vsevolod Polyakov
Let's Enhance
10 min

Raising for a car for the 32nd brigade of the Kupian direction

As part of the DevOps fwdays'24 conference, we are gathering for a car for the 32nd brigade of a separate anti-tank group in the Kupyansk direction.

🎯 Goal: 145 000.00 ₴
🔗 Donate here

Sharing real feedback from past DevOps fwdays'23 conference (with permission from participants) 👇


About talks from speakers
"Cool, well done, it was very interesting to listen to, I would put all 10!"

"Great topic, great spirit, examples were lightning fast."

"Nice, interesting angles to look at, a moderately old but eternal topic."

"Great clear explanation of the topic."

About the conference in general
"Great conference!"

"I visited your event for the first time, I liked the organization scheme itself and the variety of specialists by level."

"Very professional and quality work, thank you!"

"There is nothing to add, I liked everything."


What will online be like?

Live broadcast with two parallel tracks. Online Ticket holders will be able to choose which talk to join.

Where will the online broadcast take place?

On the conference website. You just need only to log in to the website under the email, that you used while buying the ticket.

What will offline be like?

Offline will be held in Kyiv, the exact location will be announced soon. There will be one watching room where the speakers will perform live. The online track will also be available to Full Ticket holders, but it will be possible to watch it on the day of the conference only on your own laptop/phone in the lobby.

Participants can enjoy live networking with speakers and participants, lunch and coffee breaks.

Which speakers will give a talk online and which will be offline?

In the "speakers" section, there will be speakers who will speak offline in Kyiv. In the section "online speakers" there are those who will speak remotely.

Safety measures during an air alert at the offline location?

The location will have an underground parking. During an air alert, participants will be able to descend into shelter.

Will the talks be recorded?

Yes, recordings will be available almost immediately on the website, after the conference.

Where to write questions to the organizers?

We use Telegram chat for news, communication and questions. Or you can write to us via email

Check videos of talks from the previous DevOps fwdays’23 online conference:

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