AIRe - AI Reliability Engineering [ukr]

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AI - should we embrace a fresh approach or continue with the traditional one? AI products and solutions have gained immense significance in enabling businesses to stay competitive. However, deploying and operating AI products within an organization's perimeter bring new challenges in terms of data security and reliability.

To mitigate risks such as data leakage, finops, ethical alignment, and processes to ensure reliability it is crucial to adopt new approaches. In this context, let's explore the emerging challenges and SRE practices specifically tailored for AI.

Denys Vasyliev
GfK — An NIQ Company, Senior Site Reliability Engineer GfK
  • SRE/DevOps practitioner with 15+ years of experience in Telecom
  • Practicing Architecture, Development, and InnerSource
  • DevOps/SRE/Kubernetes coach and mentor
  • YouTube creator and podcast author "[не]правильний DevOps"
  • Founder and co-author of startups
  • Experienced in Cloud Solutions, IoT, Realtime Communication, Telco and Kubernetes
  • Public speaker, community member and Kubernetes DIY trainer
  • LinkedIn, Github, Twitter
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