Reconnecting with Purpose: Rediscovering Job Interest after Burnout [ukr]

Talk presentation

We are all living in exceptionally turbulent times. Ukrainians are facing numerous crises and challenges, ranging from war to lay-offs. Work provides us with a sense of stability, which many of us deeply value and strive to maintain. However, there are times when we may not realize that our workload becomes overwhelming or that the stress we experience in our jobs becomes highly toxic. This often leads to burnout.

    During our discussion, we will cover:
  • The factors that contribute to burnout;
  • How to identify it;
  • Short-term strategies for addressing it;
  • Long-term approaches to finding fulfillment and satisfaction in our work;

I will also share my personal experiences and insights, as well as those of my colleagues in the IT field.

Anastasiia Khait
EIS Group Ltd, Senior Business Analyst & Product Owner
  • Business analyst at a product-led company delivering end-to-end platforms for insurance business management.
  • Specializes in fintech products and solutions.
  • Transitioned to IT from a background in sports management.
  • Brings over 10 years of experience in team management.
  • Aims to advocate for ecological communication and thinking skills in the professional environment.
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