Panel discussion [ukr, offline]

During the panel discussion, experts will discuss the following issues:

  • What is the Highload system?
  • Are all Highload systems similar and do they have the same problems?
  • Which system of those that the experts worked on was the closest to the definition of Highload? What were the main challenges there?
  • How is the technical stack planning for a Highload system different from a regular system?
  • Is there a no-go list of things in the tech stack that can't be taken, or conversely, is there a list of must-have things?
  • Is there a place for relational databases in Highload systems?

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in a discussion with experienced experts and expand your knowledge and understanding of high-load systems development.

Moderator — Oleksandr Mahomet (co-founder @Fwdays)

*In case of the air alert, the panel discussion will be held in the shelter.

Olena Syrota
Software architect at Star, lecturer at SET University
  • 20+ years of experience in IT
  • Worked at different positions from dev architect
  • Tech stack: Java, Spring, cloud, IoT
  • Certified as SEI Software Architecture Professional
  • Certified as Stanford Advanced Project Manager
  • Linkedin
Max Baginskiy
Head of Engineering, Solidgate
  • Head of Engineering at В2В SaaS company Solidgate
  • Has 6+ years of Go development experience
  • A fan of State of DevOps, where DevOps is a methodology, not a position
  • Didn't stop coding and building architecture even after transitioning to management
  • Linkedin
Pavlo Mashlyakovskyi
Software architect, InBase
  • Software architect at the InBase product company
  • Architect of the UnityBase platform (about a dozen products, 1000+ corporate implementations)
  • 30+ years in product development
  • He likes fast code since school computer science competitions
  • Supporter of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle when building solutions
  • #12 in the 22nd round of TechEmpower benchmark (mORMot framework), currently #7
  • GitHub
Oleksandr Makhomet
Co-founder @Fwdays
Dmytro Dziubenko
Corefy, CTO
  • He's been involved in payments for the last 10 years, including 8 as a co-founder and CTO at Corefy
  • He is a proponent of automation and optimization. Loves deleting code and migrating data from database to database.
  • He is also a proud father of a beautiful daughter and a soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Linkedin
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