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Реєстрація на наступну конференцію Vue.js fwdays'20 онлайн-конференція вже відкрита!

Technical SEO for JavaScript developers

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Building web apps is a great way to reach a vast number of people... but to do so, your web content should also be discoverable via search. In this talk, we will dive into a few best practices and see how we can make sure our content can be found.

Martin Splitt
  • Open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich with a decade experience from the trenches of software engineering in multiple fields.
  • He works as a Webmasters Trends Analyst / Developer Advocate at Google for Search & web ecosystem.
  • He helps people building applications or publishing content on the web to be successful, productive and visible.
  • Believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that will allow the web to prosper.
  • Twitter, GitHub
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