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Professional Web APIs using ASP.NET Core 2.1


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In this interactive workshop you will learn what is needed to create a robust and manageable Web API implementation in ASP.NET Core 2.1. You will see how to add versioning and documentation using OpenAPI, build a resilient implementation (using cloud patterns such as circuit breaker, bulkheads and retries) with Polly, add instrumentation for health monitoring and telemetry. Also, you are going to learn patterns for testing service contracts, scaling out and some best practices in general.

Alex Thissen
  • Has been involved in application development since the late nineties.
  • Worked as a lead developer and architect at large enterprises and small companies.
  • He has received the Microsoft MVP award for Visual Studio and Development Technologies 11 times.
  • He spends his time teaching other developers the details of the Microsoft development platform and frameworks.
  • Twitter, GitHub
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