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Discussion on GraphQL


  • Kateryna Porshnieva (Veriff)
  • Andrii Chyzh (Wix Engineering)
  • Oleksandr Tarasenko (EVO Fintech / EVO company)
  • Polina Gurtovaya (Evil Martians)
Kateryna Porshnieva
  • Engineering Team Lead in Veriff (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Has been working with front-end for more than 8 years
  • Co-founded the React Kyiv community and co-organised YGLF conference in Kyiv
  • Passionate about clean code, testing, design systems and good UI/UX
Andrii Chyzh
Wix Engineering
  • Has 12 years of experience in development
  • Currently works at Wix Engineering in Team Lead / Software Engineer position
  • Uses GraphQL API in production projects for the last 3 years
Polina Gurtovaya
Evil Martians
  • Before she became a frontend developer her professional areas were lasers and telecommunication
  • She believes that any valuable experience and knowledge should be shared with the community
  • Prefers to share her own experience via blog posts and conference talks
  • She loves to disassemble everything into cogs and then try to reassemble it again
  • Thinks that the learning curve for a front-end developer looks like a spiral
  • She tries to follow new technologies, experiments, but not succumb to the hype. Loves Rust, interested in ML, constantly trying to develop a sense of beauty. She has a list of favorite technologies and topics(and she can talk about them for hours :) WebAssembly, WebRTC, GraphQL, and image internals
Oleksandr Tarasenko
EVO Fintech / EVO company
  • 10+ years of experience in web development
  • For the last three years has been building and managing a large scalable fintech project focused on Ukrainian e-commerce leaders
  • He has been mentoring young talents in Ukrainian IT for many years
  • Volunteering, helps launch projects that bring Ukraine closer to victory in the war with russia
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