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How to grow skilled developers and gather reliable teams

Talk video

  • Who is a senior? Who is a middle?
  • Hiring interns (internal internship programs).
  • Onboarding - how to make sure that newbies won't get overwhelmed by a complex product.
  • How to grow a middle into a senior develop without losing them on a way.
  • Development goals, 1-to-1, 360 review, competency matrix, tasks outside of team tasks.
  • Guild and committees - pros and cons. The dictatorship and centralization, or should we just let all flowers bloom?
  • Is it possible to move people between the teams? And how do you do it without pain?
  • Techtalk as a way to grow fast. Techradar as a way to find out where the company is heading to.
Lena Zhukova
Wix Engineering
  • Frontend developer and a team lead for Wix Groups - a social app for communities
  • Frontend developer with a critical eye on all fashion trends, React.js, and Kyiv balconies
  • Lena says about herself: “I’m always questioning everything and want to know where the ultimate strength is”
  • It’s the fourth year since she has been testing the strength of the frontend at Wix
Viktor Turskyi
Google, WebbyLab
  • Senior Software Engineer at Google, Non-Executive Director at WebbyLab
  • 20+ years of experience in ІТ
  • Successfully delivered more than 60 projects (including projects for 5 companies from Fortune 500 list)
  • Strong back-end and front-end development background
  • Has experience with open source projects and large codebases
  • LinkedIn, GitHub
Andrey Melikhov
  • Senior Backend Developer at Arrival
  • Frontend-backend developer, node.js-developer. He started with the development of geophysical equipment, hardware and hardcore on C++, but made it to fintech and JavaScript
  • «Веб-стандарты» YouTube channel co-host
  • «ОЧП» YouTube channel co-host
  • Writes articles on Medium and Habr, a speaker
  • Member of the program committee at the«Я люблю фронтенд» conference
  • Spends money earned in the frontend on cameras and microphones
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