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Reaching 3_000_000 HTTP requests per second — conclusions from participation in the TechEmpower benchmark [ukr]

Talk presentation

In this talk, we will get acquainted with TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks, consider generalized (programming language-independent) approaches to optimizing a web application and its environment to achieve extreme loads, and most importantly, how some of these things can be applied in practice in your projects.

Pavlo Mashlyakovskyi
Software architect, InBase
  • Software architect at the InBase product company
  • Architect of the UnityBase platform (about a dozen products, 1000+ corporate implementations)
  • 30+ years in product development
  • He likes fast code since school computer science competitions
  • Supporter of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle when building solutions
  • #12 in the 22nd round of TechEmpower benchmark (mORMot framework), currently #7
  • GitHub
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