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Microservices and multitenancy - how to serve thousands of databases in one microservice without going crazy? [ukr]

Talk presentation

Imagine you are designing a B2B service that will serve millions of businesses. This service will have dozens of different microservices with their own data, which can contain millions of records. How do you design such a database? Why is sharding not always the answer? What other options are there for such an architectural solution?

I'll tell you how we at Uspacy came to serve thousands of small databases instead of a few large ones, what we've encountered and what we plan to face)

Kyrylo Melnychuk
Uspacy, CTO
  • Co-founder and CTO @ Uspacy - A single digital workspace for SMEs
  • Co-founder and CTO @ AlterEGO - IT integrator with 15 years of experience
  • He likes to automate everything that cannot be automated
  • He develops processes and architectures
  • His passion is business-driven development
  • LinkedIn, Facebook
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