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NATO Hackathon Winner: AI-Powered Drug Search [ukr]

Talk presentation

This is a session that details how PostgreSQL's features and Azure AI Services can be effectively used to significantly enhance the search functionality in any application.

In this session, we'll share insights on how we used PostgreSQL to facilitate precise searches across multiple fields in our mobile application. The techniques include using LIKE and ILIKE operators and integrating a trigram-based search to handle potential misspellings, thereby increasing the search accuracy.

We'll also discuss how the azure_ai extension on PostgreSQL databases in Azure and Azure AI Services were utilized to create vectors from user input, a feature beneficial when users wish to find specific items based on text prompts. While our application's case study involves a drug search, the techniques and principles shared in this session can be adapted to improve search functionality in a wide range of applications. Join us to learn how PostgreSQL and Azure AI can be harnessed to enhance your application's search capability.

Taras Kloba
Microsoft, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Data & Artificial Intelligence
  • He has over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, banking, and cybersecurity
  • In 2019, Taras was recognized as the Best Software Architect in Ukraine by the Ukrainian IT Awards. He is a certified Microsoft trainer and also holds a number of other professional certifications from Google, Amazon, and SEI. Taras actively shares his knowledge at international and local conferences and events, contributing to the development of the IT community
  • Founder of the PostgreSQL Ukraine community, which brings together professionals and enthusiasts of this technology in Ukraine
  • The leader of the team that won the TIDE NATO Hackathon 2023, 2024 and the National Defense Hackathon 2022, organized by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
  • Taras actively volunteers and consults military personnel on IT projects that contribute to Ukrainian Victory
  • Linkedin
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