Universal highload patterns on a specific example of a game server on Haskell

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Analysis of the architecture of the game server on Haskell. From a high-level model to code features - transactional memory, immutable data structures, actors, queues, parallel and concurrent computing. The model of dynamic scaling, optimization, solved problems and trade-offs.

  • Reasons for choosing Haskell
  • What technologies were considered and why they were not used (no spoilers)
  • Full stack of used technologies and their highload potential
  • Universal design patterns
Maksym Bezuglyi
Attracti S.a.r.l
  • Software architect of complex systems.
  • The last year is devoted to the development of a system for automating the management of game development.
  • He created the most complete automation of quality management according to ISO 9001.
  • He has a special passion for the logic of game servers.
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