Video: FinOps: How to manage cloud infrastructure cost efficiently

We'll dive into key FinOps concepts and learn about the AWS Cost and Usage Dashboards Operations Solution (CUDOS) tools.
Video: FinOps: How to manage cloud infrastructure cost efficiently
Video: FinOps: How to manage cloud infrastructure cost efficiently

Welcome to the "FinOps: How to Manage Cloud Infrastructure Cost Efficiently" workshop!

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, optimizing cloud infrastructure costs has become a critical skill for businesses and individuals alike. FinOps, short for Financial Operations, is the practice of combining financial accountability with cloud technology to ensure efficient cloud spending.

In this workshop, we will dive into the core concepts of FinOps and equip you with practical knowledge on managing cloud costs using AWS's Cost and Usage Dashboards Operations Solution (CUDOS). Whether you're a student aspiring to enter the tech industry or a professional looking to enhance your cloud management skills, this workshop will provide you with valuable insights to make informed decisions and maximize the value of your cloud investments.

Trainer - Anton Grishko, Chief Architect at ProfiseaLabs, FinOps expert, speaker and author of FinOps articles at DOU, 15+ years in the industry.


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Language of presentation: English


  • DevOps engineers (all levels)
  • Solution/Cloud Architects
  • CTOs
  • Infrastructure engineers
  • FinOps engineers
  • Students


    Introduction to FinOps
  • Understanding the Basics of FinOps
  • Why FinOps Matters in Cloud Management
    Key Components of FinOps
  • Cost Visibility: Tracking and Monitoring Cloud Costs
  • Cost Allocation: Assigning Costs to Teams and Projects
  • Reserved Instances and Savings Plans
  • Scaling Optimization: Right-sizing Resources
  • Policy and Governance: Setting Spending Limits and Policies
    Tools for FinOps
  • Overview of Cloud Management and Cost Optimization Tools
  • Introduction to AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets
  • Deep Dive into AWS Cost and Usage Reports
  • Practical Use Cases of Cloud Cost Management Tools
    Exploring AWS CUDOS (Cost and Usage Dashboards Operations Solution)
  • Understanding the Benefits of CUDOS
  • Navigating the CUDOS Dashboard: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Configuring Cost and Usage Dashboards
  • Interpreting CUDOS Insights for Informed Decision-making
    Best Practices for Efficient Cloud Cost Management
  • Tagging Strategies for Cost Allocation
  • Cost Optimization Strategies: On-Demand vs. Reserved vs. Spot Instances
  • Automating Scaling and Resource Management
  • Collaborative Approaches to Cloud Cost Accountability
    Hands-on Workshop: Configuring CUDOS
  • Setting Up AWS Account and Access Permissions
  • Creating Cost and Usage Dashboards
  • Customizing Dashboards to Track Key Metrics
  • Analyzing Sample Scenarios Using CUDOS Data
    Case Studies and Real-world Examples
  • Showcasing Success Stories of Effective FinOps Implementation
  • Learning from Cost Management Challenges and Solutions
  • Adapting Strategies to Different Business Needs
    Q&A and Networking
  • Open Floor for Participant Questions
  • Networking Opportunity with Peers and Instructors

Coach: Anton Grishko

— Chief Architect at ProfiseaLabs

— FinOps expert

— Speaker & trainer 🇺🇦

— 15+ years in the industry

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