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Git Happens or How to fix common git mistakes [eng]

Talk presentation

Your code works perfectly on your machine and you decide to integrate this achievement into your remote Git repository. Just before pushing the commits you suddenly detect a picture of your cat (!) accidentally added to your branch several commits ago. You are trying to resolve the problem using random advice from Stack Overflow, but the situation goes out of control and finally, you lose all today’s hard work.

Angrily you remove the local repo and clone it again just to start from the beginning, hoping that a similar situation will never happen again. [Spoiler: it will]

In this session, I will discuss common mistakes we make while working with Git and how to fix these without much pain.

It is intended for those of you that just got started using Git or with intermediate experience, but advanced Git users might also find it interesting. Highly recommended to join if you want to add some useful commands to your git pull, git checkout, git commit and git push list.

Liuba Gonta
Xebia | Xpirit
  • .NET Developer and DevOps Consultant at Xpirit in the Netherlands. Originally from Moldova.
  • Helps clients to determine and implement software solutions which meet their business goals.
  • Passionate about technologies and truly believes they can contribute for a better life.
  • Accredited GitHub Developer Trainer.
  • Other than all geek stuff Liuba can’t imagine her life without different activities like gym, CrossFit. running, dancing, swimming and cycling.
  • Aesthete, enthusiast, 51% cat person and owner of a cute Insta-cat Alice.
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