• Fluix is a simple no-code platform that helps companies save labor hours, digitize document processes, automate routine tasks, and gather reliable data from the field and office. For instance, with the help of Fluix, Siemens Gamesa has installed the largest 604 MW offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak in June 2021. Imagine, you will be working on a product used by field and office teams on some of the most complex and modern projects in the world! Hundreds of businesses worldwide have already rolled out Fluix to optimize their processes and bridge the gap between the field teams and offices. Our team of over 50 employees in 7 locations is a part of the Readdle family. We're concentrating on empowering world-class enterprises with technology and mobility. Become a part of this journey and make a positive impact on the world with us! About This Role As a Web Developer for Fluix, you will communicate updates in the product, new use cases and evolve lead generation by developing and maintaining the Fluix Website, landing pages, marketing newsletters, while supporting our growth and marketing needs.
    Readdle · Remote · Польща · Вся Україна · 4 роки досвіду
  • R&D Engineer - R&D team
    3 серпня
    With our R&D team, we solve various problems for our products (Scanner, PDF Expert, Documents, Spark) related to machine learning and algorithms. Many well-known CV / Image Processing tasks are relevant for us: segmentation, detection, image auto-enhancement, etc. A feature of all our solutions is the fact that they all run right on the device, so we develop resource-efficient models for all our tasks. At the moment, the main vector is directed to computer vision/image processing, but we are also starting to deal with texts as well. Thus, we're having more challenges ahead, and that's why we're looking for a new teammate to strengthen the team.
    Readdle · Remote · Польща · Вся Україна · 3 роки досвіду
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