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TemaBit Fozzy Group — національна компанія, яка працює над технологічними рішеннями, щоб забезпечувати мільйони українців якісними та свіжими продуктами щодня. Експерименти, всебічний розвиток та інноваційні продукти для українців — те, що надихає команду та рухає вперед.

Неllo! We are TemaBit Fozzy Group — a fan team of technologies – that change the user experience of Ukrainians. TemaBit is part of Fozzy Group — one of Ukraine's most significant trade and industrial groups. The big family of Fozzy Group businesses includes retail, e-commerce, logistics, restaurants, banking, and many other businesses. You'll be surprised how big we really are. All of these segments create synergy so that IT professionals can develop truly holistically. Our tech folks provide about 80% of software products for guests and employees of group companies. We never get tired of experimenting, that's why we created our own R&D center where we research new technologies. Ideas are born here using artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and robots. A career at TemaBit means caring for every Ukrainian. Now we are looking for a Digital Transformation Officer (operational officer) who will make a digital revolution in retail with us!

Необхідні навички

• 5 years or more work experience in a similar position; • Knowledge of operational processes in a store, bank branch, etc.; • Experience in building and digitizing processes, using ML/AI; • Experience in measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of processes; • Experience in working with product teams and developing IT solutions (preferably in the cloud); • Knowledge of the English language; leadership skills and innovation.

Умови праці

• You will generate and influence decisions in one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine; • Income that will help you focus on projects and personal development; • Professional growth - the opportunity to attend internal and external courses, access to the corporate library, a full train of challenges for every taste... we are for you we guarantee 😊; • Working environment: cozy office, co-working spaces, possibility to work remotely, flexible schedule; • 20 days of paid vacation and health insurance; • Support of your individual entrepreneur documentation; • Concierge service for employees; • Rest - team building and various team activities to improve team cooperation.


• Manage a large development team in the domain area "Operations Office"; • Format and approve strategy with stakeholders; • Communicate with external partners regarding the necessary functionality and integration; • Budgeting and budget control; • Correlate functionality and Business Value; • Track trends and introduction of innovations.


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