Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project

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The open source world is made out of human interactions as much as it is made of code.

During this session, Jordi will be sharing his experiences as the Composer Project lead. He will show you glimpses into what it means and feels like to be the maintainer of a popular open source project.

By sharing his experiences, Jordi hopes that you will gain a better understanding of the human factor in the open source community.

Jordi Boggiano
  • The author of a few open source apps/libs (Composer, Monolog, php-console, ..), and frequent contributor to other projects (Symfony2, Twig and others).
  • Has been involved in web development for over 10 years, working mostly with PHP and JavaScript.
  • Currently maintaining Composer/Packagist while working on Toran Proxy and
  • Find out more. Twitter
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