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.NET fwdays'21

Direction of C# as a High-Performance Language

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There are a lot of upcoming performance changes in .NET. Starting from code generation (JIT, AOT) and optimizations that can be performed by the compiler (inlining, flowgraph & loop analysis, dead code elimination, SIMD, stack allocation and so on). In this talk we will cover some features of C# 7 are going towards making low level optimization.

I will share not only how we can improve performance with the next version of .NET, but how we can do it today using different techniques and tools like Roslyn analyzers, Channels (Push based Streams), System.Slices, System.Buffers and System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.

Ігор Фесенко
  • Application Architect, SoftServe
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Любить безперервне вдосконалення усюди
  • Захоплений проєктуванням та розробкою масштабованих та гнучких веб-застосункiв
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