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Реєстрація на наступну конференцію Vue.js fwdays'20 онлайн-конференція вже відкрита!

Web Performance in modern JavaScript world

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In mobile-first era where network connectivity is not always stable and low-end devices are widely used it’s extremely important to keep your web applications smooth and optimized. During the talk we’ll take a look at the performance challenges we are facing every day and how modern JavaScript technologies such as PWA and AMP can help solving them. We will investigate how to optimize our app loading time, make JavaScript parsing faster, how to deliver reliable waiting experience to our users and much more.

Filip Rakowski
Vue Storefront / Divante
  • Co-founder @ Vue Storefront / FED @ Divante.
  • Software engineer mostly working on modern web technologies and open source projects believing that prior purpose of software is to make people lives easier.
  • Strong advocate of solid developer experience and good craft beer ;)
  • Twitter
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