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Реєстрація на наступну конференцію Vue.js fwdays'20 онлайн-конференція вже відкрита!

Server-side rendering with Angular—be faster and more SEO, CDN and user-friendly!

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Are you ready for production? Are you sure? Is your application prefetchable? Is it readable for search engine robots? Will it fit into Content Delivery Network? Do you want to make it even faster? Meet the Server-Side Rendering concept. Learn how to implement it in your application and gain knowledge about best practices, such as transfer state and route resolving strategies.

Maciej Treder
Akamai Technologies
  • Senior Software Development Engineer at Akamai Technologies.
  • Enthusiast of web technologies especially Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps, microservices, and Internet of Things.
  • Author of articles about JavaScript, NodeJS, and Angular.
  • Creator of ng-toolkit opensource project.
  • Twitter, GitHub, Website
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