Big data & frameworks: no book for you anymore

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When your clients need only small database for personal music library and some kind of HTTP interface to it, everything looks nice and you can use lot of bright frameworks and trusted approaches for your application.

But what changes if you step ahead of existing solutions to bring things like population health management?

Let's talk about our Big Data experience and meaninful framework usage:

  • What makes the difference when you go Big Data and Hadoop.
  • Frameworks and big data: hamsters vs hipsters.
  • Reality matters. Frameworks cost. How much?
  • What framework is good for you?
  • Making your own frameworks.
Роман Никитченко
  • Big Data solutions architect at V.I.Tech
  • Telecom system engineer with more than 20 years of experience
  • Internal trainings and presentations on a regular basis, several public technology conferences as a speaker. Mainly Big Data area.
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