Workshop: Event-Sourcing

Workshop for PHP developers by Marco Pivetta
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Workshop: Event-Sourcing
Workshop: Event-Sourcing
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Workshop: Event-Sourcing

Workshop for PHP developers by Marco Pivetta.

Speaker Marco "Ocramius" Pivetta (Roave) is:

  • A software consultant at Roave.
  • With over a decade of experience with PHP, he is part of the Zend Framework CR team, Doctrine core team, and is also active in the community as a mentor and supporter.
  • When not coding for work, he usually hacks together new concepts and open source libraries, or simply provides Q&A on IRC
  • Twitter, GitHub

CQRS and Event Sourcing are challenging if approached for the first time, and especially if done from scratch. We help you installing, configuring and getting Prooph to run.

We’ll build a fairly simple event-sourced aggregate in order for you to understand how to organize things inside CQRS/ES stack, and how to massively simplify some problems that usually cause very big performance issues when put at scale.

We're going into:

  • what event-sourcing is
  • how it's usually implemented
  • how to actually build a simple working domain model with event-sourcing and a tool called prooph

Место проведения:

г. Киев, Data Hub, ул. Гетьмана 1Б (М Шулявская)


4 сентября, 2016 года, 15:00 - 19:00


1/2 дня

Стоимость участия: 1 500 грн. (~$60)

Формат: Training




PHP разработчики


Місце проведення

Київ, Data Hub
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