Implementing an Event Sourcing strategy on Azure [eng]

In recent years the Event Sourcing pattern has become increasingly popular. By storing a history of events it enables us to decouple the storage of data from the implementation of the logic around it. And we can rebuild the state of our data to any point in time, giving us a wide range of opportunities around auditing and compensation.

In this demo-heavy session you will learn how we can use Azure Event Hubs to process and store these events to build our own event store based on Cosmos DB. Moreover, we will also dive into options around connecting to other Azure services and even Kafka applications to easily implement this popular pattern in our own solutions.

Олена Борзенко
The Adecco Group
  • Full Stack Developer у The Adecco Group.
  • Раніше вона працювала в сервісній компанії в Україні, і взяла участь у створенні різноманітних продуктів від малих стартапів, B2B-додатків до корпоративних платформ.
  • Більше того, вона захоплюється новими технологіями, чистим кодом та найкращими практиками.
  • У вільний час, коли вона не витрачає його на хобі, вона любить будувати демо базуючись на реальних сценаріях, ділитися знаннями з іншими та навпаки, вчитись на чиємусь досвіді.
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Eldert Grootenboer
  • Technology Lead at Motion10.
  • Azure MVP, Technology Lead, Cloud Solution Architect, blogger, public speaker and technical author.
  • He can regularly be seen on conferences and user groups, speaking on Cloud related topics, with a strong focus on Azure.
  • His experience with the Cloud comes from his daily work with these technologies in many innovative projects with various clients, as well as his drive to further dive into the latest developments in his spare time.
  • Eldert enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community, and believes this is the best way to each other obtain more and better opportunities.
  • Twitter, GitHub
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