Workshop: How to build a career as a senior developer: Staff+

Analysis of the Staff+ position and practical preparation for this role.

Mentor: Pavlo Polyakov, Principal Engineer at SHARE NOW.
Event is over
Workshop: How to build a career as a senior developer: Staff+
Workshop: How to build a career as a senior developer: Staff+
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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How to grow professionally after a Senior position? There are Staff and/or Principal levels for this. Usually, such positions can appear in companies where there are already 30+ engineers. These levels can be combined as Staff+.

The main difference from Senior — this is the level of influence. A Staff+ engineer influences several teams, sometimes the entire company.

What are the tasks of a Staff+ engineer?

  • Improve processes and technologies throughout the engineering department
  • Mentor senior specialists
  • Understand business needs and be an expert in the domain area
  • Coordinate interaction between teams
  • Participate in making strategic decisions

In this intensive, you will consider in detail the role of Staff+ Engineer: hard and soft skills, as well as preparation for promotion to this position. You will immediately consolidate the whole theory with practice

What will you get at the exit?

  • Prepare a stable foundation for solving any technical issues with a focus on development and support
  • Able to explain your position to technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Learn how to help teams resolve conflicts and reach consensus
  • Become the Staff+ engineer you want to work with

Who will be interested?

  • Senior developers
  • To architects
  • Staff+
  • Technical professionals who need universal skills to increase their expertise


Date and time: April 21, 10:00 - 16:00, (Kyiv time, GMT+2).

Duration: ~6-7 hours (depends on practice)

Platform: Zoom. We will send you a link to the broadcast the day before the course, and it will also be available on this page.

Language of the event and presentation: Ukrainian


  • What do Staff+ engineers do?
  • 10 main features of Staff+
  • We are working on our own promo (practice). Fill out a Brag Document to reveal what you already do in addition to your position and how it can be used for promotion.
    Let's set SMART goals to increase your visibility in the company. It is easier to move up the career ladder when not only your team knows about you. :)
    We are preparing the next steps for your new role.
    Hard skills
  • Architecture for developers
  • Modern approaches to software development
  • Practice. We will consolidate the acquired knowledge by developing and justifying the technical architecture for the company according to the brief. You will learn to design architectures that solve current business challenges. And most importantly, you will be able to explain why your chosen architecture will work in this situation.
    Soft skills
  • Communicating Tech (Practice). Using the framework, you will create a simple and clear explanation for a topic in which you are an expert. You will learn to confidently create interesting and understandable presentations on any technical (and not only) topics. It will be easier for you to "sell" your ideas and attract support
  • Conflict Resolution & Productive meetings (practice). You yourself design a meeting that will allow you to effectively solve the problem and leave all its participants satisfied and heard.

Mentor: Pavlo Polyakov, Principal Engineer at SHARE NOW.

— 15+ years in the IT industry, including almost 3 years Staff+

— 10+ years in product companies, had experience as an Engineering Manager, but chose the Staff+ track

— AWS Certified Solutions Architect

— Facilitator of internal Technical Guidance Training for Senior+ specialists.

— Author of the TG channel GoodDevKnows and articles on Medium and DOU

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