Workshop: SOLID principles in the design of React components #2

Adding new features to React without rewriting the existing project base
Event is over
Workshop: SOLID principles in the design of React components #2
Workshop: SOLID principles in the design of React components #2
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Description of the workshop:

It often happens: you are working on a new feature, there seems to be a ready-made React component, but it does not fit! Well, you have to figure out how it works internally and change it for the new scenario. And now almost everything is ready - but now 2 other features stopped working!

Coach — Olexander Suhak, software engineer at Grammarly, Fwdays speaker and YouTuber, 15 years in the industry.

From the author: in this workshop I will show how you can use SOLID principles to designing and reusing React components without breaking existing functionality. You will also learn how to assemble new features through the composition of existing components without rewriting half of the project's codebase.

For each principle, there will be a short coding task where participants can practice applying the principle to a sample react codebase in an interactive environment (no local setup required).


Date and time: November 11, 10:00 - 15:30, (Kyiv time, GMT+3).

Platform: Zoom. We will send you the link on the eve of the workshop, and you will also find it on this page.

Language of the event and presentation: Ukrainian

Number of participants: 20

Participant Requirements: Developers with experience in React.js


  • Acquaintance, intro. Theory: the history of SOLID and features of the React approach, issues of maintainable React code, Q&A (1 hour)
  • SRP: building components that do one thing + Q&A (30 minutes)
  • OCP: We close components for modification and open for expansion + Q&A. (30 minutes)
  • LSP, we make interchangeable components + Q&A. (30 minutes)
  • Break (1 hour)
  • ISP: narrowing down component interfaces + Q&A. (30 minutes)
  • DIP: invert dependencies between components + Q&A. (30 minutes)
  • Summary+Q&A

Olexander Suhak, software engineer at Grammarly.

— 15 years in the industry. Worked with various technologies (back and front-ends, JS, TS, .NET) and in various positions (tech lead, software architect, lead developer), lately he has been working a lot with React.JS

Youtube channel



The course is being held again, we are sharing real reviews from the last time (with the permission of the participants)

"Everything is cool, the scope is considered cool and separate "

"I liked the applied direction of the workshop: all the principles announced were immediately illustrated in practice."

"I liked: a clear structure of information presentation, good and clear examples. In general, it was useful. I wish that all projects adhere to SOLID principles :)"
"I liked the great sound quality and the presentation of the material. It was great that there was live coding with comments. It would be cool if there were several alternative versions of each principle for each of the examples, and also if there was an example under which conditions one or the other could be violated principle. In my opinion, it is really important not only to understand the principles, but also to be able to evaluate their need in a particular case."
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