Workshop: Software Architecture design process

In the workshop, you will be able to gain knowledge in the field of software architecture development
Event is over
Workshop: Software Architecture design process
Workshop: Software Architecture design process
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

Registration for the next conference Software Architecture fwdays'23 conference is open!

Unfortunately, the number of seats is limited and all tickets have already been sold. But there is also good news: we are already planning to repeat the workshop. If you want to book a ticket for the same workshop, please fill out this form. As soon as we open sales - you will receive a message.

If you have ever asked yourself the following questions in your life:

  • What will be my role and what will be expected of me as an architect?
  • Why architecture for a product if you can go to code right away?
  • How to start developing architecture, what standards, methods and practices exist?
  • What should be included in the architectural documentation?
  • How to properly justify my chosen components, technologies and approaches?

Then this workshop is for you.

In the workshop you will be able to gain knowledge in the field of software architecture development; structure the already acquired knowledge; see where architecture begins, what approaches, standards and practices exist; gain practical skills from defining business goals of products and architectural drivers to developing architecture and architectural documentation.

Speaker Oleksandr Savchenko

— 12+ years in IT with more than 4 years practice on Software Architecture;

— Winner of Ukrainian IT Awards in category Software Engineering in 2019 and member of jury in 2020;

— SEI, TOGAF trained specialist, icAgile Certified Professional, AWS accredited specialist;

— Speaker on different global conferences, meet-ups;

— Passed way from developer to technical lead, solution architect, head of departments;

— Led big projects (more than 100 engineers) with different modern technologies stacks and architecture styles: micro-services, SOA, event-driven design, cloud based applications;

— Provided different services: architecture design and evaluation, pre-sales, workshops with clients/service providers, software development, Technical Audit, Team assessment, Cloud Adoption, mentoring & coaching;

General Information

Number of participants: 50.

The workshop will start at 10:00 EEST and will be held online in Russian in Zoom. Please install Zoom on your device. You won't need to pre-install special software before the course.

Required knowledges:

  • Experience on software development or architecture;
  • Basic knowledge on architecture patterns (e.g. microservices, SOA);
  • Basic knowledge on UML;

Level of audience

This workshop is for:

  • software developers who want to understand software architecture design methods and principles;
  • architects who want to find new approaches and structure their knowledge;
  • Business and system analytics;
  • DevOps;
  • anyone who wants to know what software architecture development is.


Workshop Introduction

Section 1:

Software Architecture Fundamentals overview:

  • First look into Software Architecture;
  • What is Software Architecture and why it’s important?
  • Architect roles & responsibilities;
  • Architecture development lifecycle:
  1. Analysis of Architectural Requirements:

Architectural Drivers overview;

Quality Attributes;

  1. Architectural Design:

Architecture Tactics, Patterns, Styles;

  1. Creation of Architectural Documentation;
  1. Architectural Evaluation;
  1. Architectural Implementation;

Practical exercise: Architectural Drivers clarification. Common goal: to define architectural drivers for software architecture design (e.g. Stakeholders overview, Business Goals, Quality Attribute Scenarios, Constraints, Architectural Concerns).

Q&A session.


Section 2:

Architecture reusable methods & standards overview:

  • System and Software Engineering - Architecture description - ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010;
  • Architecture Frameworks overview (e.g. TOGAF);
  • Architecture Design reusable methods (e.g. ADD, RUP, Trade offs);
  • Architecture Evaluation reusable methods (e.g. ATAM, CBAM, Cloud solution evaluation tools);

Q&A session.


Section 3:

Process of creation Software Architecture documentation:

  • Architecture Documentation fundamentals;
  • UML;
  • SEI Views & Beyond;
  • Kruchten’s 4+1 View Model;
  • C4 model;
  • ADR’s;
  • Architecture documents templates;

Practical exercise: Architectural Documentations and Views creation. Common goal: get acquainted with structure of architectural documentation and views templates.

Q&A session.


Section 4:

  • Summary - what we learned;
  • Architect’s skill set & toolset;
  • Resources for Practice (e.g. Architectural Katas);
  • Learning materials;

Q&A session.


Workshop Introduction
10 minutes
Section 1
1 hour 30 minutes
15 minutes
Section 2
1 hour
30 minutes
Section 3
1 hour 45 minutes
15 minutes
Section 4
30 minutes
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