Discussion. React 18. The good parts

React 18 on everyone's lips. The program committee decided to join the hot topic. We will discuss new features, discuss the direction of React development and try to answer the question of whether React is still relevant to use in 2022.


  • Alexey Raspopov (Noteable)
  • Khrystyna Landvytovych (SoftServe)
  • Oleksii Levzhynskyi (Grammarly)
  • Inna Ivashchuk (GlobalLogic)
  • Sergey Shmyg (TVBEAT)
  • Andrii Sierkov (Wix Engineering)
Sergey Shmyg
  • Frontend developer with 10 years of experience (was creating Pixel Perfect layout, and IE6 compatible when it was cool)
  • He likes working with React and its ecosystem and automating everything he can (even playing lotto)
  • In his spare time solves problems on resources such as Codewars
  • The motto is Never back down
  • Twitter, GitHub
Alexey Raspopov
  • Senior Software Engineer at Noteable.
  • Developer with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Specializes in UX, DX, frontend tools and concepts, and data visualization.
  • Likes to find new ideas and practices in other technologies and languages.
  • Twitter, GitHub
Oleksii Levzhynskyi
  • Tech Lead, Software Engineer at Grammarly
  • Has more than 10 years of experience in front-end development using various technologies, from Rails to Typescript
  • Focused on creating the Grammarly Editor, an AI-powered writing assistant for Grammarly’s 30 million daily active users, for the last 5 years
  • Contributes to Focal, an open-source reactive state management framework, in his spare time
  • Co-hosts weekly talks in devua.club
Andrii Sierkov
Wix Engineering
  • Frontend Developer, Team Lead
  • Believes that Soft Skills as important as Hard Skills
  • Studies psychology in his spare time and applies it in his main job
  • Organised YGLF and meet-ups
  • Mentored students in training programs
  • LinkedIn, Medium
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