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To interview your employer

Mini-talk video

Story on developer's behalf. How to find out right at the interview, how things are going on the project. What to ask, in what order, what to pay attention to and how to understand the answers. "They promised a microservice architecture, but there was an undistributed monolith".

Natalie Nyshta
  • Senior PHP Engineer at Paxful.
  • Has a university degree as a software engineer.
  • Has been employed in the commercial programming industry for 12 years.
  • Has some published articles about design principles and development, and gives lecture courses at work about design principles within OOP.
  • Natalie is that person who can deal with a spaghetti-code and explain to the managers why such an "architecture" is not the best option.
  • LinkedIn, Facebook
Oleksii Petrov
Solution architect at Jain Irrigation Inc.
  • Solution architect at Jain Irrigation Inc.
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • Docker/Kubernetes apologist
  • MongoDB Certified Developer
  • Active PHP Community Member
  • Twitter
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